Legos.Digital, World 1

💾 Download this World for Minecraft: Java Edition Version 1.16.4. It will be about 10 GB when un-archived. To play, un-zip the folder into your .minecraft/saves folder.

Early Days

Originally called Cox Blocks Rocks (, this server was created in March of 2020 as the official minecraft server for the Do By Friday Podcast, to give people a pleasant distraction from COVID-19 with the comforting nostalgia of Minecraft. It was originally being run by Matt, before being handed to Claire and Link as a community project in June. It was around for 1 year, months and days, and had over 800 unique players join! Everything—including spawn and all 15k+ blocks distance (the actual total volume excavated is probably closer to 500k) of underground railway tunnel—was hand-build in survival, battling skeletons and creepers the whole way.

Builds & Screenshots

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🎆 Happy Anniversary!

This server celebrated its 1-year anniversary on March 19th, 2021 while on this map. Lemonan created a fireworks show that went off during the night at the tower in spawn to celebrate, and Victor de Groot made this wonderful video.

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