Do By Minecraft

The Rules of Legos.Digital

In Minecraft

This is a PvE Server- that means we're all having fun together. Be nice to others and everything will be fine. 😁

  • No hacking, malicious mods, exploitation, duping, X-ray texture packs, or other unfairly advantageous manipulation of gameplay.
  • No griefing. This means destruction of other players' property, stealing, killing players, spamming, or other actions that cause grief. We have a plugin called GriefPrevention to protect your builds and prevent against this.
  • Builds that are ugly (like large cobblestone towers to the sky) or that cause lag (like enderman experience farms, or farms which contain too many entities) are liable to be deleted at any time.
    • There isn’t an exact number, use good judgement. No one needs more than 100 cows or 20 skeletons.
  • Mutilating the landscape without cleaning up after yourself is not allowed. Don’t strip deserts or burn forests. Please respect the world and cover up any messes you make. 🌲

On Discord

  • Treat everyone with respect. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE ZONE for any kind of bigotry: Any display of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc., or any other sort of hateful speech will result in an irreversible ban.
  • Please keep everything “safe for work,” and do not discuss anything inappropriate. Please exercise good judgement to keep it light and family-friendly. It’s a Minecraft server, keep it appropriate so everyone can have fun.
  • The rules are not to be interpreted how you like, and there are no "loopholes." If you're mean, negative, or make people feel uncomfortable, we will tell you to stop or ask you to leave.

If you have any issues with another member of the server, please message a Moderator on Discord, and we will help you.

🎮 Play Minecraft!