Do By Minecraft

Hi! Welcome to Legos.Digital, the officially unofficial Minecraft: Java Edition server for Do By Friday fans.

Do By Friday is a weekly challenge podcast hosted by Merlin Mann and Alex Cox. 🎧 You can listen to it here. This server is lovingly run by community members. You may have known us before as! We're that same great community!

⭐ We're going to update!

Legos.Digital is moving to Minecraft: Java Edition Version 1.17. This will include a brand new world to build in! If you haven't played before, now is the time! There is more info about this change on our Discord server. Thank you all for making this server such a wonderful and inspiring place.

Joining The Community

You can join the server by typing "" in the Multiplayer menu of your Minecraft: Java Edition client. The server is running Java 1.16.4. You can use the "Direct Connect" option, but we recommend using "Add Server" to permanently add the server to your server bookmarks list. You can chat with other members of this community on our Discord server. 💬 Click here for a Discord invite. You can also look at what people have built on the server on Instagram! 📸 Click here to take a peek.

Rules & Expectations

We have a few rules we'd like you to follow on the server:

  • No griefing. This means destruction of other players' property, general harassment, harm, or other actions that cause grief - thus the term griefing. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Be friendly. We'll all have a better time if we get along and work together.
  • No hacking, malicious mods, exploitation, duping, or other unfairly advantageous manipulation of gameplay. Cheaters never prosper.
  • Please respect the landscape! Clean up after yourself, respect the natural beauty of the world, and cover up any messes you make.

Fun Stuff

You can see pictures and download past versions of our Minecraft world at the links below, along with other stuff we like!

  • 🌎 Our First World Browse photos, or download and play in single-player!
  • 🐝 Trans Bees A texture-pack that makes the bees the colors of the trans flag!

🎆 Thanks for one year!

🗺 Live Server Map

We have a live map of the server, where you can see our entire world! Isn't that cool?
🌐 Click here for a full-window view.